KIZ – Kardiologie im Zentrum

At KIZ-Kardiologie im Zentrum, we are cardiologists with decades of experience in diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular disorders. Our objective is to deliver state-of-the-art medical services, from diagnosis to therapy, in adherence with the following principles: leading by experience & specialisation!

We pursue high standards: careful selection of the physicians who work together; our integrated diagnostic and therapeutic services; structured and active cooperation with experts within our group, the cooperating hospitals and beyond.  Cooperation with heart centers; exceptional counseling services; and the patient oriented organizational structure of our practice. We place special emphasis on providing personal attention for our patients. This includes both pre- and post-intervention care and support for our patients and their families during difficult therapeutic decisions – as well as for individual strategies to reduce the risk of suffering myocardial infarction and stroke (primary and secondary prevention).

We believe that the integrated concept of our practice meets the highest standards of today’s medicine, and uses the potential of modern cardiology to the benefit of our patients. It is our goal to provide individual counseling and tailored treatment strategies in order to fulfill the legitimate expectation of our patients.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ischinger has established an international reputation through decades of work at large university hospitals in the United States and Germany. Until recently, he practiced at Herzzentrum Bogenhausen (Heart Center) in Munich. Prof. Ischinger is considered one of the world’s most experienced interventional cardiologists. He is familiar with all relevant techniques including innovative methods for cardiac and vascular therapies.  His expertise and advice (often as a second opinion prior to therapeutic decisions) are sought and valued equally by both patients and colleagues.

Dr. Gregor LeyDr. Bo Friedrichsen and Dr. Fabian Müller-Hartmann have years of intense experience in all aspects of non-invasive cardiology, including innovative techniques, such as three-dimensional heart ultrasound and differentiated programming of implantable defibrillators. Until recently, each of them held responsible positions at Herzzentrum Bogenhausen (Heart Center) in Munich.

Professor von Knobelsdorff is an experienced general cardiologist with special and outstanding expertise in cardiovascular imaging with CT and MRI with national and international reputation.

The expertise of our group and their many years of clinical cooperation ensure maximum competence in a broad range of conventional and highly specialized cardiovascular medical services and immediate access to a network of experts.

This network includes heart surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, angiologists, diabetologists, neurologists, and specialists in sports medicine/sports cardiology, prevention, and psychosomatic disorders.

Only after many years of clinical experience we considered ourselves qualified enough to offer this special profile – the combination of experience, specialization, and an active network of experts – to our patients in the form of the KIZ integrated practice concept: The complete spectrum of modern cardiovascular medicine, i.e. diagnostics, conservative and invasive therapy from a single source as a basis for safety, treatment success and satisfaction for patients.

We are dedicated to our goals and our patients! We want our patients to feel this dedication, in terms of both the medical care and the human compassion…